Ambition report 15th. January’17

It looked like a perfect day on Saturday at Port Stephens and it was weatherwise anyway but any day at sea is a good day.

We had no trouble catching bait and were soon off heading East. The plan was to find the colour change and head North with lures and since there wasn’t much current give ‘Almark’ a shot for Snapper and Kings.

There wasn’t much happening on the radio, other than some fish further South and off Sydney where I believe Simon Fisher of ‘Shakara’ had six Stripies up at once but they were just not interested in feeding.

I ended up going further East than I’d planned and in 200 fathoms I found an area were birds appeared to be searching and there was heaps of bait down deep, there were pilot whales and some flying fish too. To say it was looking very fishy was an understatement and to add to the anticipation we had three Hammerheads zoom in on the shot gun and turn away I suppose when they saw it was a lure making the noise they lost interest.

A Striped Marlin doing its thing...
A Striped Marlin doing its thing…

Finally we had a strike on the shot gun and what looked like a middle sized Blue took to the air doing it’s thing charging the boat. Unfortunately when the line came tight again the hook had pulled.

Almark didn’t produce, I was marking fish but they kept moving and the  fluky wind and little current made it difficult to predict the drift, well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

On the way home I went back over the area where we’d had the strike earlier and lo and behold the left rigger went off and young James landed a nice Dolly of about 10 kilo’s. I went around again hoping there were more but instead a Marlin came up and hit three lures missing all the hooks.james-mahi-mahi

From what I’ve gathered the Black Marlin are starting to turn up here at Port and with the water temp getting back to reasonable levels there’s every chance the Stripes will turn up too. During the day I heard boats up here at Port raising Blacks and not being able to get them to eat. Interestingly the Mahi Mahi we caught were full of green Toads which in the past were supposed to intoxicate fish that fed on them making them lethargic and difficult to catch – could be the reason.

Tight lines,

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