Ambition report 14th.July’20

Sydney Tuna Fishing is frustrating to say the least at present. Listening to the radio while fishing off Sydney and hearing the guys off Kaiama  and JB catching Bluefin and  those  at Port Stephens catching Yellowfin  has only added to the frustration.

For those of us here  the Sydney tuna fishing is hard work. There have been a few Yellowfin taken out wide but with numbers of Yellowfin only forty miles North and with the Bluefin  only fifty miles South there is great expectation that the  currents will bring them to us  after this blow – one lives in hope.

Rob 's Yellowfin
Rob ‘s Yellowfin

I went out  a couple of times  last week and managed two Yellowfin, one of 58.5 kilo’s and another of 34.8 kilo’s. Both times I headed South hoping the Bluefin had moved up in the current which they hadn’t.

Ambition's Yellowfin
Ambition’s Yellowfin









The photo’s of Bluefin below show the result of Sam Ayad taking his boat ‘Smart Bill’ down to the bite off Kiama.

SmartBill Bluefin
SmartBill Bluefin



SmartBill Bluefin
SmartBill Bluefin











So with the Sydney Game Fishing Club’s annual ‘Tuna Slam’ underway and continuing until the end of August and with an opening purse of $2,000.00  and the potential of both Bluefin and Yellowfin on our doorstep in the coming months you’d be crazy not to enter.

By the way there have been NO Bluefin weighed yet and the biggest Yellowfin so far is only 38.7 kilo’s , you could be a winner…

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